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About Stealth-Flex

The Stealth-Flex Fence Protection System consists of a sensitive cable, using state of the art microphonic technology to provide detection of intruders' attempts to climb or cut the fence. The cable is resistant to false alarms from environmental influences and unaffected by heat, UV light and moisture.

Stealth-Flex microphonic cable is attached to the fence, using simple cable ties. The analyzer is available in a NEMA standard environmental housing for attachment directly to a fence post or in a sturdy metal can for indoor installation. On detecting an alarm condition, the analyzer activates a Form C relay which can be connected to any alarm panel, cellular transmitter or other device.

The analyzer's sophisticated electronics allow simple but precise adjustment of sensitivity to meet the requirements of any installation. The Stealth-Flex system is ideal for high security applications, while its low cost and simplicity of installation allow its use in a variety of locations not previously considered for this kind of protection.
Simple to Install

The Stealth-Flex is available as a complete kit, protecting 500 feet (SF-500),1000 feet (SF-1000) or 2000 feet (SF-2000). The kit includes cable, analyzer(s) and end-of-line termination kit. The cable is easily fixed to the fence, using cable ties, permitting a much faster installation than shock sensor based systems. Sensitivity and pulse count adjustment is facilitated by a bar display.

High Security
Stealth-Flex detects attempts to climb, cut or otherwise damage the fence. Cutting the cable itself will generate a tamper or intruder alarm.

Tried and Tested
Stealth-Flex microphonic cable protects many high security locations, both government and commercial around the world.

Lead time on these items is 5-8 business days.

  Fence Protection
Fence Protection Kit, 500 feet
Fence Protection Kit, 500 feet
See details

List price: $1,749.00
Our price: $1,093.00
, save 37%
Part Number: SF-500
Fence Protection Kit, 1000 feet
Fence Protection Kit, 1000 feet
See details

List price: $3,077.80
Our price: $1,923.63
, save 37%
Part Number: SF-1000DZ
Fence Protection Kit, 2000 feet
Fence Protection Kit, 2000 feet
See details

List price: $4,177.80
Our price: $2,611.13
, save 37%
Part Number: SF-2000

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