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1. UPB Single Switch, 900 W, White
2. UPB Universal Transceiver Base
3. UPB Slave Switch Body
4. UPB Slave Switch, White

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  Automated Outlet :: Lighting Control :: UPB :: Simply Automated UPB :: Switches and Bodies :: UPB Single Switch, 900 W, White

  UPB Single Switch, 900 W, White #547
UPB Single Switch, 900 W, White  Every switch is a dimmer, a relay switch AND a transmitter depending on how you program it.

Robust, trouble-free installation

Easy to retrofit...no new wires

Exceptional reliability and noise immunity

High signal strength and low frequency means UPB can communicate over very long A/C wire runs over one mile in length

Multiple keypad configurations available, with up to 4 decorator rockers on a single switch!

UPB addressing system uses 250 Unit ID's and 250 Network ID's for a total of 62,500 unique network addresses...plus a secure network password!

Reliable 2-Way digital communication. The transmitter sends a signal and listens to a response from the receiver. The transmitter will continue to re-transmit the signal up to 4 times until it recieves that response

Super-fast command-to-action time...less than 1/3 of a second

Can be used with other PLC systems such as X10 in the same house without interference

Can be used for stand-alone scene lighting control, or with a central controller

Supported by HAI Omni, Stargate, CommStar, ELK M1, Premise Home Control, HAL and more

Each device can be programmed to be part of up to 15 scenes without an intelligent controller

200 dimming steps and variable fade rate from instant-on to a fade rate of up to one hour

The LED lights on the switches can be programmed to show a different color for a different load status, and a locally switched dimmer can be programmed to send a status report to the controller

Shallow switch depth allows for easier J-box installation

No home automation software is required to control UPB products. Basic programming functions are achieved using simple push buttons on the wall switches and modules. Advanced programming options require UPStart UPB Configuration Software. UPStart is a Windows-based program that is used for configuring purposes only, and requires an Interface Module to connect to a PC in the home (UMCDB9W) Simply Automated's 600 watt dimmer body with a full rocker keypad comes in white with this part number. Keypads are replaceable with single rocker (ivory or almond or custom color) or dual vertical rocker (white, ivory, almond or custom) for the ultimate in flexiblity and functionality. You can also purchase rocker body switches without the rocker faceplate, and buy the rocker faceplates separately.

Power requirements: 120VAC +/- 10%, 60 Hz
Max Load: 900W incandescent and magnetic low voltage
Wiring Connections: 6" stranded pigtails, #16 AWG for power/load #20 AWG for multi-way travellers.
Operating Temp: 30-120 deg F (0-50 deg C)
Dimensions: 4.2H x 1.7W x 1.6D"
Depth inside J-box 1.25"

Manufacturer Simply Automated
Part Number:US1130W
Price: $74.95


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