Best Smart Ring

What’s the purpose of smart rings? In fact, why do people prefer wearable smart gear? Wearable smart devices are making a big change in people’s lives. Smart equipment allows the user to track their fitness and sleeping habits.

Best Smart Ring

What We Use At Home


I’ve been using this ring for over one year now. It performs excellently and helps to manage my sleeping schedule. 

OURA Stealth

Best All-Rounder


It felt like it had a little bit of everything, sleep tracking, fitness tracking, and online security applications.

Motiv Rose Gold

Best Budget Smart Ring


CNICK might be one of the cheaper options, but it’s extremely powerful. Swap you access cards with their smart rings. 


The Buyers Guide To Smart Rings

They can even replace your average key card, making entry to your home, office, or gym just a touch away.

So why smart rings?

Well, unlike smartwatches, the ring is far more discreet, and hold just as much power. Plus, quite often, the smart rings look nicer in design than a big clumsy watch.

Buying new smart devices might seem a little daunting at times; there are just so many choices out there. So, to help you out here are a few things I like out for:


Depending on what you're looking for, smart rings can be costly. Which is why you need to setting yourself a budget and finding the right feature is important

Sleep Tracking

Getting a good night sleep is more important then you might think. And by using a sleep tracking ring you can iron out any bad habits you might have.

Contactless Payment

If your not one for bulky pockets; then finding a smart ring that offers contactless payments might the ring for you.


One of the main reasons people tend to go for smart rings is the small and discreet size. Having bulky objects around your finger can also feel like a bit of a hindrance.

Fitness Tracking

By using fitness tracking technology, you effectively track your fitness goals. You can access them easily using the app and make adjustments as and when you need it.

Smart Key

Again this is great for trying to live the minimalist lifestyle. It can replace your keys or various access cards you might use daily.

The Best Smart Ring

Here we’re going to take a deeper look into some of the best smart rings on the market. You’re guaranteed to find a smart ring that suits your needs:

MRSP$314 –
Smart KeyNoNoYesYes
BuyFind Best PriceFind Best PriceFind Best PriceFind Best Price

#1 – OURA


OURA Stealth

OURA designed there smart ring to help people find their perfect sleeping patterns.

They use NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) body temperature sensor to track your temperature every minute you sleep.

By doing this each night, the ring can find any problems and assist you in fixing the problem.

On the inside edge of the ring, you can find infrared LEDS that measures your pulse from the palmar arteries located in the finger. 


Combine that with the 3D Accelerometer and gyroscopes, and you have a pretty nifty fitness tracker that can detect the intensity of your work out.

The smart ring comes with four color designs to choose, including Silver, Black, Stealth, and Diamond. And if that wasn’t enough to choose from, they also offer two shapes pointy Balance, and the curvier heritage smart ring.

Before the ring gets sent to you, OURA will send you a free sizing kit to make sure you pick the right size out of the eight possibilities.

Key Features

  • 3D accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Temperature sensor
  • Made with titanium
  • Four Colors
  • Eight Sizes
  • Automatic sleep tracking
  • Ideal bedtime guidance
  • Activity score and insights

What Other People Say

They thought the Oura Ring looked fantastic; they had no problem wearing outside. Although the ring wasn’t a fitness tracker, it did give you a good insight into how active you were for the day.


Overall all the customers and reviews loved the ring. One person asked themself the question, “Would I repurchase the ring if it broke?” The answer was yes, it performed very well at tracking their sleep.

Final Verdict

The OURA smart ring has a stylish design while remaining minimalistic. Each color style has a lovely finish, and if you’re looking for some bling, the diamond finish actually has little diamonds imprinted.

The NTC temperature sensor worked perfectly at recording your body temperature, while the app provides a nifty chart to help you make improvements. It also tracked your daily activity; this helped the smart ring understand how much sleep you’d need for the night. 

What We Liked

  • Accurate sleep tracking
  • Stylish design
  • Fitness tracking

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn't monitor heart rate regularly

#2 – Motiv

Best All-Rounder

Motiv Smart rings come in three colors, Silver, Black, and Rose Gold. On top of that, they have seven ring sizes you can select.

Their smart ring works 24/7, tracking the distance you’ve traveled, your heart rate, calories burned, and monitor your sleep.

Motiv’s smart ring is waterproof up to 165 ft promising to be durable in any condition. The sleek yet robust design is made using ultra-light titanium.

They claim the smart rings battery life is close to three days, and only takes 90-minutes to charge using the magnetic dock.

Motiv is compatible with iOS 9.0 or Android 6.0, and can also be integrated with Alexa, Apple Health, and Google Fit.

Motive smart ring uses cutting edge online security technology by using a 2-step verification process. It gives you greater peace of mind if someone tries to access your personal details.

Key Features

  • Waterproof 165 ft
  • Battery Life: 3-Day
  • Charging time: 90-minutes
  • Made with titanium
  • USB magnetic charging
  • Fitness tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Seven sizes

What Other People Say

The ring was surprisingly lightweight; you could hardly notice it was there. Paring the device to your smartphone was effortless and took no time at all. They also liked how easy it was to charge the ring, the magnetic clasp held it in place while it charged.

Another customer claimed it had changed their way of life; it helped guide them to better fitness. They also felt it gave them greater insight into their daily routine, which helped them understand where they were going wrong.

Not everyone was happy; a lot of people were having trouble with the charging; it didn’t gain a connection very well.

Final Verdict

The Motiv smart ring performed well in all areas; it gave users greater insight into health and daily habits. The app was surprisingly easy to navigate and set up new goals. The fitness tracker was also very accurate, giving you the information you could trust.

The build quality overall was robust and reliable, and the waterproofing meant you could keep it on while swimming. I was a little bit concerned about the magnetic strip for charging. It felt weak at times; after a few years, I can see this becoming an issue.

What We Liked

  • Great battery life
  • Great fitness tracking
  • Two-step online security

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lose of connection when charging

#3 – CNICK

Best Budget Smart Ring


CNICK has nine sizes, which should be plenty of selection for all sizes of fingers.

The beautiful, entirely handcrafted wooden ring looks stylish and is available in three colors, Black Ebony, Hawaiian Koa, and Oxford Blue.

The wooden smart ring is made using the highest quality exotic wood.

The claim that their smart ring will last a lifetime without the need for charging. Replace your access cards with the built-in technology in the ring.

You can now gain access to the gym, your office, or home with a touch of the finger at a reading distance of 3-5 cm.

Take full advantage of the NFC technology to share information between your phone and the ring. Now you can unlock your phone, swap emergency information, play music, or share small text, all by tapping the phone with your ring.

Key Features

  • Nine sizes
  • Three colors
  • Made with exotic wood
  • Replaces access cards
  • NFC tool app
  • Handcrafted
  • No charging required
  • Compatible with iOS and Android

What Other People Say

They loved the powerful capability of the tech inside the smart ring. They also couldn’t help but feel that the ring was a work of art; it looked beautiful. They used the ring to replace their gym access card; it worked every time without fail.

Another customer was astonished by the performance of the smart ring; they just had to touch the reader to gain access. One thing to note was the ring did not work with RFID tech; it uses NFC radio waves, so make sure the access readers are compatible.

Final Verdict

The smart ring performed precisely how you’d expect it too. The app made it easy to add new access codes and syncing it to the smart ring.

Some access readers wear to weak to pick up the signal at a distance, which meant it took a couple of tries. I suspect the device will need a firmware update.

It’s a shame there were not fitness tracking abilities, but as a smart access ring, it works perfectly. Overall the ring was very lightweight and had massive memory. Another excellent factor was not having to worry about charging the smart ring.

What We Liked

  • NFC tools
  • Hand crafted
  • Performed well

What We Didn’t Like

  • No RFID frequency
  • Limited use

#4 – Alotm R3

Altom R3

The Alotm R3 smart ring comes in six sizes between 7 and 12 and is made using pure titanium.

Their smart ring can be used to gain access to your phone or even your house door. 

There’s no need to charge the smart ring; it will do it all by itself.

They also claim that the smarty ring is waterproof and shock-resistant.

Use the Smart ring to control your phone, make calls, play music, or changing the settings can all be achieved by using the ring.

You can also use the ring to share and transfer information, such as business cards, pictures, and website links to anyone with just a simple touch.

Adjust your body function and health by using the Altom R3. The smart ring uses an FIR energy stone, which can help stamina, physical power, and protect your health. On top of that, the volcano magnet helps to improve your eyes and ears.

Key Features

  • No charging
  • Waterproof
  • Control your phone
  • Unlock doors
  • FIR energy stone
  • Volcano magnet
  • Six sizes
  • Share information

What Other People Say

One customer mentioned that the smart ring was an excellent device and worked well, but it did have a few issues. It wasn’t compatible with all smartphones, which meant transferring data wasn’t always possible.

Another person mentioned that the ring was a perfect size, but the instructions were hard to follow.

The overall reaction wasn’t great around this smart ring; most of the time, you couldn’t get it connected, making the ring a waste of time. And when they did get it connected, it was too hard to set up and get it running.

Final Verdict

If you get the device to work, it’s actually not a bad piece of kit. The main issue is with the supported device; there aren’t many. This means users will miss out on key features.

This is why it’s worth checking out their website to see your phone is one of their supported devices; if you’re an iPhone user, this is not the ring for you.

Overall the ring looks beautiful, but the lack of compatibility with the iPhone really holds it back. I can’t comment if the stones make you feel more energized. But I can say the RFID reader worked well once everything was setup.

What We Liked

  • Information sharing
  • One touch door access
  • Waterproof

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not compatible with iPhone
  • Hard to get started

But This Is The Best Smart Ring For Most People

I have to stick with the OURA smart ring; it’s really helped me to track my daily sleeping habits.

The NTC body temperature sensor effectively tracked my temperature and helped me make changes. This enabled me to feel fresher and ready to start the day.

My main concern before purchasing the smart ring was the price. It is in the high range, but after using the smart ring for the past year, I can say it’s 100% worth it.   

OURA Stealth

Frequently Asked Questions

As with any smart device, the purpose of a smart ring is to make your life easier. This could be by helping you to track your sleep or fitness. Or maybe you need something to reduce the number of items in your pockets. Smart rings feature multiple gadgets to help you in your day to day life.
iPhone’s can struggle when it comes to NFC technology; Apple hasn’t truly opened the gates, which means you can be limited to just reading what’s on the smart ring. To avoid any problems, make sure your smart ring is compatible with your iPhone.
The price of smart rings can vary, it really depends on what you’re looking for, if you’re looking for something on the cheap side, you could pay as little as $30. But if you’re looking for something a little bit more technical, you could be looking at $500+.
It stands for Near Field Communication, and it’s a type of communication protocol that allows two devices to speak to each other. Smartphones use NFC every day to share pass photos, contacts, and other details.
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