15 Home Automation Blogs

Smart home automation blogs have taught me so much; it’s partly the reason I’m here today. So to help you, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite blogs. These blogs helped me along the way, and I’m hoping they will help you too!

Home Automation Blogs

The founder of the blog Patrick Sinclair started the All Home Robotics to keep people up to date with the latest technology trends and products. It was started in 2012 to provide “techies” with the tools and information they need to make their homes smart.


Their mission is simple, provide the readers with trustworthy and knowledgable information. They make it their priority to ensure the reviews are easy to understand, informative, and accessible to all people. They cover topics surrounding irrigation, smart hubs, lights, and much more.

Adrian Snead created Smarter Home Guide, after dabbling in smart home technology for a few years, he had become obsessed with smart technology. Which is the main reason for starting the blog, he wanted to share his findings with the world.

Smarter Home Guide

He found some questions were not being answered correctly or fully and wanted a place where people could find the right information. The website covers a wide range of topics for you to get stuck into, some of which include beginner info, DIY, and smart home gadgets.

The blog TheSmartCave was started because they wanted to tell you everything and anything there is to know about smart homes. They strive to stay on top of the latest trends and products in the home automation industry. They do this by not shamelessly promoting low-quality products.


The goal is to help you find the information as quickly as possible. They also try to stay ahead of the curve. They understand with new technology coming out every day, it can be hard to keep up to date. The topics include smart home tech and basics.

It was started by two self-proclaimed “Smart Home Geeks“. Henry and Krystian both have a passion for smart home technology and journalism. The wanted to find a way they combine both passions, which how the blog started. They pride themselves on writing genuine reviews, only after they have tried and tested the products.

Smart Home Geeks

The duo is based in the UK, which means you get to hear about the smart products from an English point of view. They have readers from all over the world, which is proof of their success. The blog is full of product reviews, the latest news, how-to guides.

The blog was started in 1996 and has been at the center of smart home technology for more than two decades. The owner Automated Home noticed there was a lack of information on home automation (smart tech was only just coming through).

Automated Home

They had to learn by trial and error; once the solution was found, they shared it with the world by using their platform. They now share the latest information on the following topics, tutorials, software, hardware, and new products. The great thing about this blog is they shed light on little known devices.

It was started to “upgrade your life by helping you decide what tech to buy.” Tom’s Guide did this by helping you discover the latest technology and saving you time by automating tasks. As a team, they spend well over 4,000 hours a year testing and reviewing new products.

Tom's Guide

They love to keep you informed with the latest information smart technology has to offer. The team runs tests on the latest products to tell you what the manufacturers don’t. They cover a wide range of topics, including news, TVs, smartphones, and security.

However far you are into your home automation journey you are, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Z-Wave. But what you might not know is Z-Wave has a blog, which keeps you up to date with the latest Z-Wave technology and information.

Z-Wave Blog

Every week they offer a new post which provides the readers with the latest news surrounding Z-Wave technology. The site has a wide range of resources available at the tips of fingers. The goal of the blog is to provide you with all the information you need to find your next suitable Z-Wave device.

The blog Tech Hive claim to be 100% committed to smart home and entertainment gear, and it hard to argue that fact once you take a look around the website. They like to provide you with all the current information on anything that’s designed to make your life easier.

Tech Hive

They provide reviews and tutorials for topics surrounding TVs, soundbars and multi-rooms speaker systems, home security, smart lights, and much more. If there’s something to do with new smart technology, you can get bet Tech Hive has an article about it.

Smart Home Blog was started by David and is based in New York City. He started the blog to share the knowledge he had learned about smart home technology. But, what really sets his blog apart from the rest, is the information he provides about lesser-known and more unusual smart devices.

Smart Home Blog

This usually means the products he covers are more affordable than the usual selection you’d see. Tinkering with products is a passion, and now he gets to do it every day. The topics he covers range from home automation, DIY automation, smart gadgets, and more.

10) CNET

It’s one of the most prominent sites on our list, the team at CNET works hard to provide with all the latest tech news, culture, and science. Yes, it does cover some fairly generic big blog posts, but some of its reviews are exceptionally well done.


They have a global team that works 24/7 to provide you with some outstanding reviews and current news. The topics they cover do vary a little, and it’s not solely about home automation. But they do cover topics around best product lists, reviews, news, and how-to sections.

Their mission is to “guide our audience through an increasingly complex digital world by humanizing technology and filtering out the noise.” And by doing this, Digital Trends have become one of the largest independent technology publishers in the world.

Digital Trends

It was founded in 2002 and since then has gone from strength to strength. Now the website reaches over 30 million people worldwide while interacting with 100 million people per month. The topics range from the best products and product reviews to the latest news.

The blog site was born from the Electronic House magazine, which was around for more than 20 years. They wanted to provide readers inspiration for new smart home tech-heads. Looking through the site, you notice this was built by people who have a real passion for home automation.

Their mission is to provide their users with “Expert information and insight on products and technology that inspire, excite, and help our readers achieve the electronic house lifestyle. They cover topics around lighting, audio, home security, and much more.

They wanted to be that “tech-savvy friend” you can always count on for reliable tips and information. Between the team, they have decades of experience they want to share with you. So whether you’re looking save time, discover a new trick, or keep up to date with the latest news, the Techlicious.


The great thing about this blog is it’s written in an easy way to follow, making it simple enough to understand, even if you’re not tech-savvy yourself. They cover a range of topics including health & home, computers & software, and much more.

The blog Automate Your Crib was started by a farther three named Rodney. With the increasing number of gadgets being released every day, he realized people needed help. Which was how the Brooklyn based site started off.

Automate Your Crib

He provides excellent insight into smart home technology by providing real-life experience with the products. The site covers topics ranging from Beginner info, Buyers Guides, and reviews. There’s plenty of information there, all you need do is check it out.

The website has born due to the founder believing the smart home industry was in need of a hero. They wanted to provide their users with the best information surrounding more affordable brands. And that’s how inovelli started their journey.


They mainly sell products, but they also feature a blog page, most of their post is about the latest Z-Wave technology. The blog is relatively limited on the number of articles it contains, but the blog page is fairly new, so I’m sure you’ll see much more coming.

Finishing Off

There you have 15 amazing home automation blogs for you to get stuck in to. There’s a whole world of knowledge out there you just have to find it.

If this post interested you, be sure to check out my post about home automation ideas. you might just find your next product.

If you think I’ve missed a blog out, comment bellow so I can check it out!  

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