August Smart Lock Vs Pro Is The Upgrade Worth It?

Over an extended period August smart locks have established a strong presence known for their consistent reliability. But which lock will come out victories when we put the August Smart Lock Vs Pro?

Wink hub vs Wink hub 2

Challenger #1

August Smart Lock 

It was one of their original smart locks, but how does it fare up to today’s technology?

Black August Smart Lock


Challenger #2

August Smart Lock Pro

The August Smart Lock Pro offers the Wi-Fi bridge the original lacked, but is it worth the extra cost?

august Pro keyless deadbolts
August Smart LockAugust Smart Lock Pro
Dimensions (Inches)1.63 x 2.60 x 4.803.40 x 2.22 x 3.40
Voice AssistantsGoogle Assistant, Amazon AlexaHomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Door SenseYesYes
August ConnectNoYes
Remote AccessNoYes
BuyFind Best PriceFind Best Price

#1 – August Smart Lock

The August smart lock is larger than the August Pro model, which means it needs more clearance on the door. 

This model also requires an additional Wi-Fi bridge if you want to open and close the door remotely. 

August smart locks use encrypted technology to ensure your keyless entry is secure. This takes the fear away of people gaining unlawful access.

Unlock your door using Bluetooth technology from your mobile phone. 

From the app, you can set up various features search tracking who comes and goes and allow access to friends and family. 

You can do this by adding guest invites for a specific amount of time.

You can easily attach the smart lock to your existing deadbolt; the whole process should take around 10 minutes. All you need is a screw driver.

Once everything is installed, you can set up features like DoorSense, Autolock, and much more. Now you never have to worry if you’ve left the door unlocked.

Key Features

  • Keyless access
  • Easy installation
  • Door Sense technology
  • Automatically locks
  • Requires Wi-Fi bridge for all features
  • Control Access
  • August app
  • Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa (Requires bridge)

What Other People Say

They were amazed at how quick it was to install, and that all you need was a screwdriver. They liked that it looked like an ordinary lock from the outside. The Bluetooth worked well at opening the door, but they did have some issues at times.

Another person was also delighted with how easy it was to install; it didn’t take them long at all. They purchased theirs with the Bridge; they wanted to have the option of controlling the door remotely. They also said they Bluetooth worked flawlessly as they approached the door.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a simple, smart lock at a relatively low price, this could be an excellent option for you. The downside is, it’s pretty limited to features unless you purchase the Wi-Fi bridge, but of course, this adds an extra cost. But it also opens up voice assistants and remote lock and unlocks.

The August smart lock is super easy to install; all you need is a screwdriver. Some people struggle with setting up the app, but there’s plenty of guides online to help you out. Overall an excellent smart lock, but on a few locations, failed to open the door quickly enough.

What We Liked

  • Cheap
  • 3-month battery life
  • Easy to install

What We Didn’t Like

  • Requires a Wi-Fi bridge for all features

#2 – August Smart lock Pro 3rd Gen (Z-Wave)

The August Smart Lock Pro comes with the Wi-Fi bridge included, which of course, adds an extra cost to this particular model. 

But it also grants you access to Homekit, Google Home, Alexa, and Z-wave capabilities. This makes controlling your smart lock easier than ever.

It also lets you control and monitors the door from anywhere in the world.

You can keep track of you comes and goes 24/7, all from the August smart lock pro mobile app. 

You can speak to your chosen voice assistant, from the app, or with geofencing to open or close the door. 

With the Door sense technology, you can always check what the status of the door is. Now you never have to panic about leaving the door unlocked.

The August Smart Lock Pro is a lot smaller than the original version, making it easier to fit on doors with less clearance.

It works with most single-cylinder deadbolts, so you don’t have to worry too much about compatibility; fitting the smart lock should take around 15-20 minutes.

Key Features

  • Door Sense
  • Remote Access
  • Biometric verification
  • Auto-lock/Unlock
  • Encryption
  • Guest codes
  • Z-Wave
  • Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa & HomeKit

What Other People Say

They were able to install and setup the August Smart lock pro in less than 30 minutes. Once everything was installed, they connected it with HomeKit, so it would work with Siri. They really liked the Away From Home, which locked the door 30 seconds after closing the door.

Another customer was also full of praise for the lock. They never had any interruptions with the auto-lock feature. The big trick was making sure your phone didn’t send the app to sleep when it wasn’t being used. They did have trouble installing it, though it took them nearly an hour.

Final Verdict

With the addition of Z-wave and having the Wi-Fi bridge include, it gives the smart lock a far more intelligent feeling to it. It was just as easy to set up as the previous model and a lot smaller, which was better; the last version was pretty chunky.

I still wasn’t sure if it was worth the extra price hike, but it has many good things going for it. But it did work very well and was super responsive. I enjoyed the biometric verification and geofencing abilities.

What We Liked

  • Smaller size
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Works with significant voice assistants

What We Didn’t Like

  • More expensive

Things They Have In Common

Because the August smart locks come from the same brand, they have quite a few things in common I think we should discuss. 

To start with, both smart locks are super easy to install; all you need is a screwdriver and a little bit of time.

They both fit most existing deadbolt, which is the main reason they are so easy to install. Another reason is both smart locks use a battery to operate.

August 2nd gen smart lock

This means you don’t have to wire anything to get the smart lock up and running. And if you’re worried about them running out of battery, the app will send you notifications when the batteries are getting low.

Another feature they both offer is keyless entry, although how they perform the task is slightly different between the models; but we’ll get into that later.

Head To Head: August Smart Lock Vs Pro

For any regular visitors, you’ll know this is my favorite part. You can see which smart lock is the best when you put them head to head. So today I’m going to be exposing all their flaws, so you don’t fall into any traps:


Considering these smart locks were made by the same manufacture, the general design couldn’t be more different. Let’s start with the shape of the smart locks.

The August Smart Lock has a long overall shape, which meant it needed more space for the installation. The dimensions are 2.3 x 4.8 x 1.63 ni.

On the other hand, the August Smart lock pro is perfectly circular, and although it looks smaller, it isn’t by very much. It has dimensions 3.4 x 3.40 x 2.22 inches.

As you can see, there really isn’t much difference in it.

The only other significant difference with the design is the colors available. The pro version is available in Black or Silver. The original version has the same, but with the added bonus of a chrome looking lock.

Winner: August Smart Lock Pro


At first, the two August smart locks look very similar when it comes to features, but the biggest difference is the August Pro works with Z-wave. This means it can integrate into your smart home easier than the traditional August Smart Lock.

The August Pro also comes with the August Connect device, so you get instant access to features like Google Assistant and HomeKit.

Winner: August Smart Lock Pro

Voice Assistants

The August smart lock can work with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, but it needs to be linked with a Wi-Fi bridge before you can connect them.

Luckily, the August Pro comes with the Wi-Fi bridge, which means it works with the voice assistants straight out the box. But the biggest difference is the integration with Apple HomeKit.

Winner: August Smart Lock Pro

Final Verdict: Wink Hub Vs Wink Hub 2

It has to be the August smart lock pro that takes the crown. It might be more expensive, but for good reason; it instantly unlocks all the features due to it coming with the Wi-Fi bridge.

The August smart lock pro can be integrated with Apple Homekit, as well as all the other classic voice assistants.

Another great feature was its ability to connect with Z-wave devices, it made it easier to incorporate the smart lock with your home system.

august Pro keyless deadbolts

If you’re not sold on the August smart lock pro, fear not, I have plenty of over suggestion for you. Why not check out my personal favorite Schlage vs Kwikset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, August Smart Locks do work without the August connect device, it’s just very limited. The thing is the August connect device bridges the smart lock with Wi-Fi. Without the August connect you won’t be able to control the lock remotely, and you won’t be able to use any of the voice assistants.
August smart locks depend on a consistent internet connection, it often needs an August Connect Wi-Fi bridge and smartphone access for remote control and operation. Disruptions in connectivity or malfunctions with the Wi-Fi bridge can impede their functionality.

Organizing the key collection and drop-offs isn’t always possible and running your Airbnb property and be hard.Smart locks can make the whole experience easier by working as a glitch-free option for your rental.

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