The Remarkable Truth: Does Nest Work With Alexa?

Google recently announced gradually phasing out the Works With Nest Skill for third-party devices. This means all Nest products will need to switch to Google Assistant. So, does Nest work with Alexa?

Does Nest Work With Alexa scaled

What Does This Mean For Alexa And Nest?

Like I said, Google is planning to cut the Works With Nest Skill to all third-party integrations. 

This means if a company wants to work with Google Nest, they would have to move to works with Google Assistant. 

The problem is you’ll get no direct control, and instead would have to set up routines.

And here’s the thing:

The change would mean the Works With Nest Skill would no longer work.

Nest Cam Indoor camera

So, Does Nest Work With Alexa?

All of this has been causing some confusion. And if I’m honest, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the change too. The thing is Alexa, and Google Assistant are both voice assistants, so the chances of them working in unity are slim.

Luckily, Google recently released there would be one exception, Alexa will still be able to control your Nest hardware. For now, at least. There’s still no word how this change will play out in the feature, but in my opinion, Google would be stupid to get rid of its Alexa skills.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

But, for now, we can still enjoy the integration, and if you’re not already let me show you the way:

How Do You Connect My Nest To Alexa?

Connecting Nest to Alexa isn’t a hard task, it’s just know why to go. If you’re struggling, follow this quick guide, and you’ll be able to control your Nest with Alexa in no time.

  1. Download and open the Alexa App
  2. From there tap the menu button in the top corner
  3. Look through the list and tap the Skills tab
  4. Search for Nest Thermostat and/or Nest Camera
  5. Select the Skill you want and tap Enable
  6. Enter your Nest App Account details
  7. Ask Alexa to find your Nest Device (“Alexa, discover my devices.”)

If you’re going to connect both your Nest cameras and thermostat to Alexa, you’ll have to repeat the process twice. The whole thing doesn’t take that long to get full control of your Google Nest device.

Which Nest Devices Work With Alexa?

In case you’re wondering there’s plenty of Nest devices you can link up with Alexa App. As you can notice, there’s plenty for you to check out. Each device offers slightly different features, so it’s worth checking out how it works and if it works for you:

What Alexa Commands Can You Use?

When it comes down to the actions you can perform using Alexa, there’re quite a few. To make it easy, I’ve split this into two sections. Let’s have a look:

Thermostat Voice Commands

  • Alexa, what’s the temperature in the house?
  • Alexa, turn my <Thermostat Name> temperature to <Insert Number> degree
  • Alexa, what’s the temperature in <Thermostat Name>?
  • Alexa, change the <Thermostat Name> to <Insert Number> degrees
Nest Thermostat
  • Alexa, make my <Thermostat Name> warmer by <Insert Number> degrees
  • Alexa, decrease the <Thermostat Name> temperature.
  • Alexa, set the <Thermostat Name> to <Insert Mode> mode. 

Nest Camera Voice Commands

By using the Nest skill with your Alexa devices, you have the opportunity to view the security footage on your TV at home. 

For this, you’ll need an Amazon Firestick, Fire Cube, or a Fire TV.

Once everything is set and ready to roll, you can use the following voice commands:

  • Alexa, show the “camera name”
  • Alexa, show “camera name” feed
  • Alexa, hide the “camera name”
  • Alexa, hide feed from the “camera name”
  • Alexa, show feed from the “camera name”
Nest Indoor camera

There are more commands out there, and if you’re interested in learning more, you should check out the Google Nest Support page.


That’s it for now, but just for a quick recap. Yes, Google Nest works with Alexa; the questions if for how long. 

As of yet, there has been no more information, so we’ll have to wait and see. But, until that time, follow my guide above and enjoy controlling your Nest devices with Alexa.

Wink hub 2 on a shelf

If you have any questions about compatibility, please comment below, and I’ll help you out. If not, why not find out which thermostat is better in Nest vs Honeywell.

Let’s start with design; they may have a different look, but to a certain extent they’re both very similar. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting your Nest devices is easy; you just need to know-how. If you haven’t got time to read the quick steps above, where an even quicker version: Open App > Tap Menu > Smart Home > Smart Home Skills > Search Nest Thermostat or Nest Camera > Tap Enable > Enter Nest Account > Ask Alexa To Discover Devices It is that easy; all you need to do is download the Alexa App on to your iOS/Android smartphone.
Yes, it is, just like any Nest device, the doorbell is also compatible with Alexa. Although one thing to note is, it works a lot better when your some sort of Fire TV or Fire Stick. This will allow you to stream the footage from the Nest Doorbell and on to your TV.
There are 4 steps to enable the new Google Nest Alexa skill from the Google Home app: 1. Open the Google Home app with your Google account. 2. Go to settings and at the bottom of the screen tap + Add. 3. Click on Service then Amazon Alexa skill. 4. The screen will show you the instructions you need to follow them to be able to enable the skill in the Alexa app.

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