Best Wifi Air Conditioner

Looking for the right air conditioner for your home can be challenging; there are lots of things to think about. So, to help you on your way, I’ve compiled a list to help you find the best WiFi air conditioner.

Best WiFi Air Conditioner

Best For Existing AC Units

Cielo Breez Plus

If you already own an AC unit, this could be your cheapest option. It turns dumb ACs Smart.

Cielo Breeze Plus $114.00
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Last Amazon price update was: January 10, 2023 6:08 pm

Best Window AC

Frigidaire FGRC1044T1

If you looking for a new window AC at a great price, this ones for you; it has some great features.

Frigidaire FGRC1044T1 $439.00
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Last Amazon price update was: January 10, 2023 6:08 pm

Best Portable AC

DeLonghi Pinguino

It looks great and you can move it from room to room, and to make it better it has great features.

DeLonghi Pinguino 4-in-1 $649.95
1 new from $649.95
3 used from $348.96
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Last Amazon price update was: January 10, 2023 6:08 pm

The Buyers Guide To The Best WiFi Air Conditioners

Before you go ahead and purchase the first smart air conditioner you see, you must have an idea on what to look for, and what this means for you. Below you’ll find everything you need to make an informed decision.

Check It out:


It's one of the first things I check before making a purchase. Air conditioning units are expensive as it is, which is why comparing the price with the features is so beneficial.


BTU (British Thermal Unit) is a measurement of energy. It will determine how much electricity you use to cool your home and how efficient it is at cooling.

Cooling Area

Not every air conditioner is good enough to cool large rooms, which is why checking how effective the AC is essential. As a rule of thumb, the higher the BTU, the more efficient it is at cooling larger rooms.

Voice Control

Since voice-activated devices came on to the market, they've been all the crazy. Voice control will allow you to turn the AC on and off or set specific temperatures.


One of the joys of having a WiFi AC unit is the ability to set schedules based on your daily routines. But, not all WiFI air conditioners will support it, so make sure you double-check.


AC units come in a few different forms: portable, window, and wall. Each style is effective at controlling the temperature, but it's still something you have to think about.

Usage Reports

Not every air conditioner is good enough to cool large rooms, which is why checking how effective the AC is essential. As a rule of thumb, the higher the BTU, the more efficient it is at cooling larger rooms.


Due to them being an expensive piece of kit, it makes sense to check what guarantees come with the air conditioning unit. It will save a lot of hassle if the worst happens.

The Best WiFi Air Conditioners

So, that’s what you should be looking out for; now it’s time to check out some products. There’s a whole range of selections out there, but the question is, which are the best air conditioners?

 Cielo Breez PlusFrigidaire FGRC1044T1De’Longhi PinguinoFrigidaire FGPC1044U1Frigdaire Energy Star
BTUsN/A6,000, 8,000, 10,000, 12,0007,2005,2006,000
Cooling Area sq ftN/A450500450250
Usage ReportsYesYesYesYesYes
Voice Control YesYesYesYesNo
Warranty1-Year1-Year Full, 5-Year Sealed1-Year1-Year Full, 5-Year Sealed1-Year Full, 5-Year Sealed
BuyFind Best PriceFind Best PriceFind Best PriceFind Best PriceFind Best Price

#1 – Cielo Breez Plus Smart Air Conditioner Controller


Cielo Breeze Plus $114.00
1 new from $114.00
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Last Amazon price update was: January 10, 2023 6:08 pm

The Cielo Breeze Plus controller was designed to turn your dumb air conditioner into a smart AC.

The controller works with mini-splits, portable AC, and a window air conditioners. The only requirement is the AC must be able to support remote controls.

By connecting the remote to the WiFi router, you can gain control of the smart air conditioner by using your smartphone, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

The unit comes with a free to download App, which is available on iOS and Android.

From there, you can create weekly schedules, set temperatures, and check out the complete timeline of your smart air conditioning unit.

They also claim to be able to save you up to 25% of your cooling bill. The setup is super quick, and everything you need to get started is included in the box, this consists of the wall plate, table stand, and more.

You have the choice after the installation to switch to local usage or continue to use global controls; the choice is yours.

Key Features

  • Zone Control
  • Global or local control
  • Weekly Scheduling
  • Geofencing
  • Usage Statistics
  • Air filter status

What Other People Say

Overall they said the air conditioner worked very well, but in the end, it was tough to setup. Luckily they were very pleased with the help they received from customer care. Once it was set up, they were thrilled with the smart ac; it worked well and saved them money.

One customer used it with their 12,000 BTU mini air splitter; everything worked fantastically. But again, it was tough to set up. They enjoyed the overall look of the AC controller and liked that they could dim the display using the App.

Final Verdict

The air conditioner controller works very well, and it’s a lot cheaper than upgrading to a new air conditioner. The biggest problem for most people, use setting it up; it was very hard and often resulted in customers having to ring the support number.

The App allows you to control several features, whether that’s setting up schedules or setting your geofencing terms. It was also great being able to use voice commands to control the air conditioner; you could set it to specific temperatures or control certain zones.

What We Liked

  • Cheaper option
  • Great support team
  • Saves 25% on energy bills
  • Local and global control
  • Great cooling capacity
  • Nice App

What We Didn’t Like

  • Hard to set up
  • Requires an existing AC remote

#2 – Frigidaire FGRC1044T1


Frigidaire FGRC1044T1 $439.00
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out of stock
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Last Amazon price update was: January 10, 2023 6:08 pm

This Frigidaire window air conditioning unit comes with WiFi built into the unit. 

Because of this, you can control your window air conditioning unit using your smartphone. 

It employs 10,000 BTUs to help cool the room; it’s effective up to 450 sq ft and can dehumidify 3 pints per hour.

From your smartphone, you can link the window air conditioner to Alexa for a hands-free cooling experience. 

You can turn the unit on and off, change the temperature, control modes, and adapt fan speeds. 

If using your phone isn’t for you, then the air conditioner also comes with remote control. 

If you’re one to suffer from allergies, they use a clean Air Ionizer, which removes pollen and other pollutants. 

If 10,000 BTU isn’t the right power range for you, then they also offer a variety of power options which include, 6,000 BTU, 8000 BTU, and 12,000 BTU.

Key Features

  • Three fan speeds
  • 550 Sq Ft cooling area
  • Auto cool function
  • Antibacterial mesh filter
  • 3.8 pints per hour dehumidification
  • Clean Air Ionizer

What Other People Say

At first, they felt a little bit apprehensive about making this purchase, mainly due to the price. So, far they’ve really enjoyed the window unit. Setting up the window units was straightforward, and it connected to their iPhone without any problems, which meant they could get the air conditioner running while they were driving home from work.

Another Customer felt that this window air conditioner unit has a fantastic cooling capacity; they have it at the back of the room; it works so well their friends continuously ask them to turn it off. It worked so well in their kitchen they’re thinking about purchasing a couple more air conditioners for the house.

Final Verdict

The whole thing was effortless to install, and setup and the fact you could connect it with Alexa made the entire device even better. I also found it to be very efficient; in fact, it was given a 12-star energy rating. Making it one of the most efficient window air conditioners.

One of the most significant issues when it comes to all Frigidaire smart air conditioners is the packaging; for some reason, they just can’t get it right. This often results in damaged air conditioners that need sending back. Hopefully, they will address this issue sooner rather than later.

What We Liked

  • Great WiFi Connection
  • Very easy to install
  • Lots of power options
  • Energy efficient
  • Excellent cooling capacity

What We Didn’t Like

  • Loud operation
  • Poor Packaging

#3 – DeLonghi Pinguino 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner


DeLonghi Pinguino 4-in-1 $649.95
1 new from $649.95
3 used from $348.96
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Last Amazon price update was: January 10, 2023 6:08 pm

This is our first introduction to a portable air conditioner, and it’s a great one. The air conditioner can be connected to Alexa for voice controls. 

You can also connect it to the PAC App, which allows you to control the portable air conditioner unit using your smartphone or tablet.

The multi-functioning 4-in-1 smart air conditioner helps you create the perfect comfort zone for your room. 

The air conditioner can also provide heating, a dehumidifier, and a fan, which they claim provides an unmatched level of comfort. 

It can cool a room up to 500 sq ft and saves you money by only cooling or heating the place you’re in.

The setup takes a couple of minutes; it’s a case of plugging it in and downloading the App. The quite operating portable air conditioner can also be used using the remote provided. 

Inside they use a BioSilver filter to help prevent the growth of mold.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Saves energy
  • 4-in-1 functions
  • BioSilver Filter
  • No Drip technology
  • Comes with a window duct

What Other People Say

It’s a nice air conditioner, which can put out poor than enough cool air. It was amazing to see how quickly the portable air conditioner brought the temperature down. They felt the best setting was Real Feel; it did a great job of balancing the temperature and humidity.

Everything was easy to set up; it took very little time and ran smoothly. They felt the remote was a nice touch if you didn’t have your phone with you. One customer had owned multiple portable air conditioners, and this worked just as well, but it was quieter and more energy efficient.

Final Verdict

Their smart air conditioners produce more than enough power to cool your home, and the best bit is, you can wheel it from room to room. It’s the on the best smart ACs on the list for a reason, it can perform 4 actions from one device, which means you can use it all year round.

From the moment you plug the machine in, it’s ready to start cooling your home. It performs quietly and remains energy efficient. IF you’re looking for the best smart AC unit then this will have no trouble cooling your home. The major downside for me was the App, it didn’t function as well as you’d expect.

What We Liked

  • Nice build quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Great cooling abilities

What We Didn’t Like

  • Poor App


This portable air conditioner is ready to go with WiFi built-in; it’s a case of plugging everything in and setting up the WiFi. 

The Smart air conditioner can be controlled using the Frigidaire smart app. 

This allows you to turn the smart AC on and off, change the temperature, and control the modes.

Their smart AC is capable of cooling up to a 450 square feet home, due to the 12,000 ASHARE BTUs. 

While it’s cooling your home it will also dehumidify the room at a rate of 3 pints per hour. 

If you’re looking for a smart air conditioner that runs quietly, then this one is for you, it runs at 53 Db.

The fan produces a constant flow of cooling air at 360°; it continues to spiral out until the whole home is full of cold air. 

The smart AC uses a convenient 115 V outlet to power the unit, which is what makes it so easy to install.

Key Features

  • Three cooling speeds and fan speeds
  • Tracks hours of use
  • Clean Air Ionizer
  • Discreet control panel
  • Wheels to move it around your home
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

What Other People Say

The smart air conditioner blew cold air throughout the room and overall worked excellently. They used it to cool the bedroom down during hot and stuffy nights, and it did just that. They wanted to warn people not to plug in the air conditioner before leaving it to sit for two hours.

Another person loved the purchase but hated the packaging; it was useless at protecting the portable AC. They had used the air conditioner for seven days, and so far, everything was working well. They also loved how stylish it was, and it took up less room.

Final Verdict

The biggest issue with this portable AC is the considerable cost; you can almost buy two window units for the same price. The good thing is, you’ll never have to lift it, you can simply wheel it around your home if you want to move it. Another great feature is the integration with Google Assistant and Alexa, which gave you hands-free control.

I also felt like the compact design was a huge bonus, not only did it mean it took up less space in your home, but it also looked very stylish. You also got plenty of scheduling option which could be controlled using the smartphone app or Google Assistant.

What We Liked

  • Effective and fast cooling
  • Quick to install
  • 7-day scheduling
  • Dehumidifier and air ionizer
  • Nice App

What We Didn’t Like

  • Very expensive
  • Wheels make not made for carpet
  • No usage reporting

#5 – Frigidaire White Energy Star 8,000 BTU

Frigidaire White Energy Star 8,000 BTU
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Last Amazon price update was: January 10, 2023 6:08 pm

The Energy Star air conditioner was designed to save your home money, and with an energy rating of 12.1 stars, it’s hard to argue. 

Their smart air conditioners come with WiFi built-in, which enables you to take control of the smart window air conditioner.

The mobile App allows you to control multiple functions to make sure you remain in control of your Smart window AC at all times. 

Through the App, you’ll receive notifications with up to date alerts about your air filter and other essential information. You can turn the smart window air conditioner on and off, change temperatures, control modes, and adapt the fan speeds.

It uses 8,000 BTU, which is more than capable of cooling up to 350 square feet. While it’s cooling down your house, it will also dehumidify the room at a rate of 1.7 pints per hour.

Key Features

  • Weekly schedule
  • Air filter status
  • Usage reports
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Sends up to date alerts
  • Fits in the Window

What Other People Say

The window AC was very nice looking, but they felt it was overly difficult to set all the smart features. But once everything was set up and installed, it worked flawlessly. It cold the room down fantastically, but they did feel it was a little noisy, but not enough to keep them awake.

Again the biggest problem with this smart window air conditioner was the delivery. They felt the company should take better care of packing it. Other than that they loved the unit, the air blows at 45° angle, to it didn’t hit you in the face while you’re sleeping.

Final Verdict

Overall, everything worked very well; it kept the room cool and didn’t cost too much to run. By connecting the smart window air conditioner to the App, it opened up several features to get stuck in to. And when you compare it to similar models, then you’ll notice the price is pretty attractive also.

But, again, they really let themselves down with the packaging, it’s crazy how many people have reported receiving dented air conditioning units. Overall it’s not a great window air conditioner with excellent cooling capacity.

What We Liked

  • Cools the room well
  • Plenty of smart controls
  • Nice price

What We Didn’t Like

  • Poor packaging

But This Is The Best WiFi Air Conditioner 

For me, the best air conditioner is the Cielo, which come people may seem strange considering it isn’t actually an air conditioner, it’s just a controller. 

The thing is if you already have an air conditioning unit that works, what’s the point of replacing it with a new one?

It’s compatible with any AC unit that functions with a remote, which means you don’t have to worry if it’s going work. 

Cielo Breeze Plus

The App worked well and allowed you to create schedules, set temperatures, and so much more. So, not only is this device super cheap, but it turns your old AC into a genius, and it saves you money. 

That being said, if you don’t have an AC either the Frigidaire FGRC1044T1 or the DeLonghi Pinguino portable AC, both do an outstanding job.

That’s it today guys if you have any questions feel free to comment below. If you liked this article, check out my full product of a review of the best smart blinds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re looking for the very best air conditioners, there are a few brands that really stand out. Here are some of the brands that stand out:
Setting up your air conditioner to your WiFi system isn’t as hard it may seem. And although some link-up slightly differently, here’s an essential guide to follow:
  1. Download the compatible App sign into the WiFi
  2. Turn on the device and press WiFi to connect, until you see LED lights begin to flash
  3. Find the Connected Appliance Info label
  4. Type in the password
  5. This will start communication from the app to the AC
  6. Choose your home network
  7. Once the process has completed, you’re ready to go
So, there you have it, that’s how you connect your air conditioner to your WiFi, not as hard it seems, right?
It’s precisely the same as a standard air conditioner, but with the added benefit of being able to use it from anywhere in the world. By connecting it to your WiFi network, you can take control by using the App.

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