Bobsweep Vs Roomba: The Ultimate Buyers Guide [2023]

Roomba has been dominating the robot vacuum market, but after reading some bObsweep pet hair reviews, I decided to put it to the test. Keep reading to find out which robot vacuum performs better in this bObsweep Vs Roomba edition:

Bobsweep Vs Roomba

Challenger #1

bObsweep PetHair Plus

This is a great new competitor on the market, but how will it’s cleaning abilities fare up. 

bObsweep Pethair Plus in blue


Challenger #2

iRobot Roomba 891

Roombas have been around since the very beginning, but people are often put off by the price. 

iRobot Roomba 891
bObsweep PetHair PlusRoomba 891
Height (Inches)3.9″3.6″
Floor TypesAllAll
WiFi ConnectionNoYes
Mobile AppNoYes
Run Time40-Minutes90-Minutes
Dirt SensorNoYes
UV LightYesNo
ContainmentVirtual wallsVirtual walls
Side BrushesYesYes
Drop SensorYesYes
BuyFind Best PriceFind Best Price

#1 – bObsweep Review: PetHair Plus

The bObsweep Pet Hair Plus is available in four colors, including Cobalt, Charcoal, and Rouge; three more colors than Roomba offers. 

And that’s not all the bObsweep robot vacuum has; it also boasts a large dust bin that holds 1 liter of dirt and grim.

The bObsweep Pet Hair Plus model has five times the suction power of the their previous model

It also uses an extra-long main brush and side brush that works together in harmony. Add this to the triple-layer filter and the UV-C light, and you have a fantastic machine. 

The filer helps to lock allergins inside, while the UV light sterilizes anything it goes over.

The robot vacuum can be scheduled on a 7-day program but needs controlling via the remote control or the device itself. 

When the robot vacuum starts to run out of battery, it will automatically return to base and charge. 

Finally, this robot vacuum comes with an attachable microfiber mop, perfect for hard floors.

Key Features

  • Boosted suction power
  • 7-day scheduling
  • UV-C Light
  • 1000ml dustbin
  • Full command remote control
  • Virtual wall

What Other People Say

Most people found the bObsweep robot vacuum to be a great purchase; one customer in particular, said it was great at helping keep up with the pet hair in their house. They had two long-haired dogs and three cats, this vacuum did a great job at picking up the hair.

Another customer loved the customer service bObsweep provided. They had their vacuum for nearly four years when an error code appeared. The customer service team helped quickly fix the issue. One issue they had was it was great at mapping the room.

Final Verdict

This isn’t a bad piece of kit; let’s start with the good points. The bObsweep robot vacuum returns to base when it needs charging or when the cleaning has finished. It could also run for around 90 minutes before it needs charging, although this seemed to be less on the carpet.

The downside was it got stuck a lot; this was due to the poor navigation system. The bObsweep also had a pretty tall ride height, but this could be due to the increased dust bin size. Overall, this is pretty good for the price but could be better down the line.

What We Liked

  • Great customer service
  • Good job at cleaning
  • Large dustbin
  • Returns to base
  • Easy to use the remote control

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not great at navigating
  • Louder than expected

#2 – iRobot Roomba 891

Challenger #2

iRobot Roomba 891

This model of iRobot Roomba has five-times the suction power of its predecessor to ensure it picks up all the grime and dust. 

It also features a three-stage cleaning system and auto-adjusting head and longer side brush. 

These features make it perfect for both carpets and hardwood flooring.

The rubber brushes at the bottom of the Roomba are non-tangle, so you don’t have to worry too much about loose cables. 

More importantly, they adjust and flex for maximum cleaning performance. 

Another great feature is the patented Roomba dirt detectors, which let the vacuum know to work harder.

This Roomba model works with WiFi connections, which means it can be controlled from anywhere in the world. 

It also works with Alexa and Google Home for added ease of use. Overall the Roomba robot vacuum can clean for 90-minutes before returning to the base to charge.

Key Features

  • 5 x suction power
  • Virtual wall
  • Works with Alexa
  • Connects from anywhere
  • Patterned dirt detector
  • 90-minute run time

What Other People Say

One customer claimed the product was a godsend due to the mess their pet made. It made their life a lot easier because they didn’t have to clean as much. They noted that it didn’t do very well with larger debris pieces compared to a regular hoover.

Another person’s biggest complaint was the bin was too small, it meant they had to empty the bin multiple times per cycle. But, they were very impressed with how well the rubber rollers worked at picking up dog hair. They were also happy that using this stopped their Dyson from regularly clogging up.

Final Verdict

It’s a convenient cleaning tool that gives you your time back. It might not be able to replace the traditional vacuum totally, but it’s a good start. This is more of an entry-level Roomba, which is reflected in the low price and lack of features compared to more advanced Roombas.

The great thing about the Roomba was able to control it from anywhere in the world and keep it contained with a virtual wall. It would run for 90-minutes before needing to recharge, but it did this automatically. Overall a fantastic robotic hoover; it just lacked a couple of key features.

What We Liked

  • Worked well with Alexa
  • Easy to empty
  • Cleans well

What We Didn’t Like

  • Quite loud
  • Not great with carpet

Things They Have In Common

They haven’t got too much in common, which makes this section nice and easy. 

Both feature a 7-day scheduling system, which makes it super easy to get a routine started.

The robotic hoover will automatically startup when the scheduled time has been reached. 

Robot Vacuum On Carpet

They also both return to the docking station once the cleaning is completed or run out of battery.

Another feature they both have was an increased suction power when compared to their earlier models. This meant they were able to work harder at removing pet hair from carpets and rugs.

Head To Head: bObsweep Vs Roomba

I’ve given you a quick overview of both products. But the only way to get a real understanding is by putting them head to head in this bObsweep vs Roomba showdown:


Design-wise, the two devices aren’t too different; the most considerable difference comes from the size of the bObsweep. The ride height is at least two inches taller than the Roomba, which means it struggles to get under low furniture.

Another considerable difference was the UV-C light under the bObsweep pro. This light sterilized the floor as the robot made its way around the room. And it also features an attachable mop for an extra level of cleaning.

The benefit of using the Roomba was able to control the vacuum from anywhere in the world. And that wasn’t the only benefit of the WiFi connectivity.

It could also connect to Alexa and Google Home, which meant you could control the schedules and the cleaning with your voice.

For this section, the bObsweep PetHair plus wins, the features were a little different and focused on sanitation.

Winner: bObsweep


Because the bObsweep has more an entry-level price, I tried to find a Roomba at a similar price to compare. For this reason, there isn’t much difference between prices.

But, if I were judging the price on the performance, it would have to be the Roomba. It performed slightly better at picking up dog hair.

More importantly, it felt more intelligent; it hardly ever got stuck and always made it’s way back to base. It was also great to see the smart dirt detector at work, something the bObsweep was lacking.

Winner: Roomba

Cleaning Performance

There isn’t much in it when it comes down to cleaning performance, but the Roomba slightly takes the lead. On high and low carpet, the Roomba performs far better at removing debris.

The only time the bObsweep matched the Roomba was on the hardwood floor. If you have hardwood flooring throughout the house, both devices will work fantastically.

But, if you have carpet, your best option is the Roomba; It performed far better picking up any mess.

One last thing to note is that they both struggle with larger debris; for the best results, you should clear any larger pieces before using the robot.

Winner: Roomba


Neither of the robots uses a smart mapping system, which means they only work in one room at a time. But that doesn’t mean they can’t do their job.

They both come with virtual barriers to make sure they clean one room at a time. And they’re smart enough to find their way back to the docking station each time.

The bObsweep robot vacuum starts by selecting one of three cleaning patterns on the remote control. It then uses its array of sensors to detect any obstacles or big drops.

The Roomba, on the other hand, goes off on its journey by moving backward and forwards. It then uses its dirt sensors and many more to work out where to clean next.

Winner: Roomba

Battery Life

The Roomba battery will last about 20 minutes longer than the bObweep, but that doesn’t mean it will always clean the room in one go.

The dirt sensor on the vacuum means it will go over one spot until it feels clean. On days where the room has been heavily used, it might take a little longer.

bObsweep will last around 40/50 minutes, but it doesn’t use dirt detectors, which means it can cover more ground. But it also means it doesn’t perform as well at cleaning.

Overall the Romba has the best battery life.

Winner: Roomba

Bin Capacity

The size of the bin plays a big part in how much area the vacuum can effectively clean. It will need emptying more with a small tank, which can become a bit of a nuance.

Only one can be the winner when it comes to tank size, and that’s the bObsweep. It features a 1000ml dustbin, which means it can clean further for longer without the need to be emptied.

Winner: bObsweep

Filter System

If you suffer from allergies, the filter is an important thing to think about, you see, its what keeps the allergens locked inside the vacuum.

The bObsweep PetHair plus uses a HEPA certified filter, which reduces the number of airborne allergens that trigger reactions. The HEPA filter can catch particles down to 3 microns; this helps reduce the airborne allergens by 99%.

Unfortunately, the Roomba 891 does not hat use a HEPA filter; it seems they get reserved for the newer/more expensive models.

We have to give this section to bObsweep; the HEPA filter is far superior. It helps to reduce allergens in the house and cleans the air. This feature is excellent for people with or without allergies.

Winner: bObsweep

Noise Level

Both vacuums are pretty loud, it’s just the nature of hoovers I’m afraid, but they are quieter than traditional hoovers, which is a bonus.

Overall the bObsweep runs at a lower volume, but not by much. If you’re at home, they could cause some disturbance, but that’s the beauty of being able to set schedules; you never have to hear it.

I wouldn’t set them at night if you’re a light sleeper; they’re likely to wake you up in the middle of the night.

Winner: bObsweep


How the robot vacuums are controlled is very different when comparing them together. The iRobot Roomba uses wireless technology and an app, while the bObsweep uses a physical remote control.

Both devices allow the user to schedule cleaning and much more. But the iRobot lets you do it all remotely from anywhere in the world.

The app also makes it a lot easier to control the robot than bObsweep’s remote control. For these reasons, I have to give this round to Roomba.

Winner: Roomba

Final Verdict: Roomba Vs bObsweep

In the end, it’s pretty challenging to find a winner out of bObsweep Vs Roomba; both are very capable of cleaning and bring different benefits to the users. Overall the Roomba just edged it; it felt more intelligent and was better at cleaning carpets.

The app made it super easy to control the device, and the V-slam technology stopped the robot from bumping into things or getting stuck.

iRobot Roomba 891

I also found the Roomba required less maintenance due to the tangle-free rubber brushes. Lastly, the run time of vacuums was a lot longer, but it did require emptying more.

It could all come down to personal opinion though, the Roomba is excellent, but it doesn’t focus on catching allergens or sanitization in the same way as the bObsweep.

If you’re interested in learning more about robotic vacuums, check out this round up review of the best Roomba for pet hair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It really can come down to personal preference; both robotic vacuums are very capable of cleaning hardwood floors. But the bObsweep struggles on the carpet.

And although it struggles to clean carpets as well as the Roomba, the filtration system is far more advanced. They use a HEPA certified filter that locks in 99% of household allergens.

It also has a larger dust bin than the Roomba, so you don’t have to empty the machine as much.

The Roomba excels with navigation; it got stuck far less and was low enough to fit under some sofas. It also came with WiFi technology, which was great for controlling the cleaning schedules.

If I had to choose which of the robot vacuums was better, I’d have to select the Roomba, but only because of the WiFi technology.

I have to say, I was pretty surprised by the overall performance of the bObsweep robot vacuum, and there are plenty of bObsweep reviews that say the same. I was almost expecting it to be a generic junk vacuum, but I was very wrong.

The bObsweep robot vacuums perform their cleaning cycle based on the schedule you set. When cleaning, the hoover performs excellently on the hardwood floor. It struggles slightly on carpet but still achieves a good clean.

One of the best features is the large dust bin, which allows the bObsweep robot vacuum to clean harder for longer. No more having to empty the robotic vacuums dust bin mid cleaning cycle.

Another neat feature bObsweep provides was the UV-C, it sterilizes the as it vacuums any dirt away with combination brushes and side brush.

Bobsweep does a great job at cleaning pet hair, but more importantly, it keeps the allergens locked inside the robot vacuum with HEPA certified filter. If you’re looking to improve air quality in your home, this is a great robot vacuum.

The biggest downside is the lack of WiFi technology if you could control the robot from anywhere.

If you’re looking for a quieter robot vacuum and has a longer running time, then the Roborock might be the option for you.

It can add an extra 30 minutes runtime when comparing the Roomba 980 and Roborock S6. And at the maximum suction level, it’s 25 decibels quieter than the Roomba.

Another considerable benefit is the lower price of the robot.

Personally we love the bobsweep and the roomba. Both are excellent and do a great job, it really is a matter of personal preference and price point.

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