TrackR Vs Tile: The Ultimate Personal Tracking Showdown

Are you tired of losing your most precious belongings? If you are, what I have to offer will interest you. Keep reading to find out which better in Trackr Vs Tile and never lose your processions again.

Tile Vs TrackR

Challenger #1

TrackR Bravo

It’s the new kid on the block but how does it compare.

TrackR Bravo


Challenger #2

Tile Stickers

This is the newest addition to the Tile family, but how does it perform? 

Tile Sticker

#1 – TrackR Bravo

Challenger #1 

TrackR Bravo

The TrackR Bravo is available as part of a multipack, which is fantastic if you have many devices in your life you want to keep protected. 

They also come with five colors available, including Black, Blue, Rose Gold and silver, perfect for handing out between family and friends.

The Bluetooth trackers are super slim and lightweight so you barely notice it’s there. 

It uses Bluetooth 4.0, which has a range of up to 100 ft making it easy to find the devices in your home. 

When used in conjunction with the app it makes it super easy to keep track of your belongings like laptops, wallets, keys, and much more.

If you can’t find your phone, simply press the button on the tracking device, and it will locate your phone.

The app also lets you see where the last place your device was seen. One of the best features of this device is the replaceable battery.

Key Features

  • Attaches easily
  • Finds your phone
  • Replaceable battery
  • Last seen location
  • 100 ft range
  • Free app

What Other People Say

It worked fantastically for them; they brought a pack of two and used them with their handbag and keyring, now they never had to worry about miss placing them. They realized that the device was only useful due to the number of people using the device.

Another customer had brought four of the devices, and so far, they were all working great. It made it super easy to find their keys. They also loved the fact they could change the batteries, unlike the Tile. But it wasn’t all roses; one person had trouble with the TrackR straight out the box.

Final Verdict

There were many mixed reviews about the TrackR device, so let’s give you the best and the worst. The device was small and compact, so it didn’t feel cumbersome. And overall, it worked pretty well, but it did have some significant flaws that need addressing.

The tracking device was only effective at around 60-80 ft, depending on what was in front of it. Another issue was how quiet the buzzer was; it made it very hard to hear it from a distance. One benefit was it felt more durable than the plastic TrackR pixel.

What We Liked

  • Small size
  • Water-resistant
  • User-friendly app

What We Didn’t Like

  • Very quiet
  • Pairing issues
  • Low range

#2 – Tile Sticker

Tile Stickers are available in a pack of two or four and can stick to nearly anything. 

Tiles tracking devices are small enough to not cause a nuisance in your pocket. 

They also feature a waterproof design, so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys in the rain.

They use your Bluetooth to find your devices, which they claim to have a 150ft range. 

Unlike TrackR, the Tile Stickers don’t use replaceable batteries. 

The battery lasts three years before the device will need replacing, which can get pretty costly.

The app works as a community to find your devices and will let you know its last known location. 

To make it better, it can also work in reverse to help you find your phone.

All you have to do is press the Tile tracker button for it to send an alarm.

Key Features

  • The battery lasts three years
  • Waterproof
  • Compact size
  • Sticks to anything
  • Find your phone
  • Tile community

What Other People Say

One customer was in love with their Tile Stickers; they were excellent and a lot smaller than they imagined. They said they looked very well built, and the adhesive was super strong. They also really enjoyed the app, it made it super easy to set up and find the device.

Another person was super happy with how quickly the package arrived, and they were more impressed with how easy it was to setup. They downloaded the app, and after just a few minutes, everything was set up and ready to go. They were also impressed that it didn’t add much extra weight.

Final Verdict

The adhesive on the Tile Sticker was excellent and could almost stick to anything. This meant you could attach it to cameras, mobiles, laptops, and more. One of the stands out features is their app, it makes it super easy to set up and find devices, which is down to their massive community.

The downside is the battery only lasts for three years; after that, the devices need replacing. As mentioned earlier, this can be pretty costly over time. But it does make up for it in Bluetooth range; the Sticker can reach 150 ft range, while bigger models can reach from 200 feet to 400 feet.

What We Liked

  • Good quality
  • Easy to use
  • Great sharing function

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can't replace the battery

Things They Have In Common

They both quite a few things in common, and it’s not just being manufactured out of Califonia. 

Both are Bluetooth trackers, which means they have to be in the device’s range to find them effectively.

They also use their community of users to help power the app. 

When other people with the app walk past your lost goods, it will send a notification to your phone with the last known location.

Tile Sticker On Air Pods

Another thing they have in common is their small size, which makes them perfect for keyrings, laptops, and more.

And finally:

They both have buttons on the tracking device, which helps you find your mobile phone. By pressing the button, it will activate the app to make your mobile ring.

Head To Head: TrackR Vs Tile

Although the Tile And TrackR devices have quite a few things in common, they also have a few differences. 

In this section, we’re going to put the TrackR and Tile head to head to determine which one will prevail victorious:


They may be a similar size, but that’s where the similarities stop in the design. TrackR comes with five available colors, which make it easy to split between family members.

The Tile Sticker only comes in black, and although it looks more stylish, it would be nice to have a few more options. When it comes to which one has a better design, it’s probably the Tile. It may come with fewer color options, but it looks a hell of a lot nicer.

It was also nice that it came with the adhesive to stick it to your devices.

Winner: Tile


The minimum purchase for the Tile Stickers is two, which cost around $40, which isn’t too bad considering how helpful they are.

But, if you’re looking to save a few bucks, the TrackR Bravo costs $30 for a pack of four. That means you get double the amount for $10 cheaper.

As you can see, when it comes down to price, there can only be one winner, the TrackR Bravo.

Winner: TrackR

Battery Life

The battery life of the TrackR device doesn’t have the same battery life as the Tile, but it is replaceable. The Tiles battery will only last three years before it becomes useless.

So, although the Tile battery lasts longer, the fact you can use replaceable batteries in the TrackR makes it far more desirable to people.

For this reason, I have to give this round to TrackR.

Winner: TrackR

Bluetooth Range

When considering to buy the TrackR or Tile, you need to think about the range of the device. Ideally, the further the range, the better; it just makes it easier to locate your lost item.

So, how do the TrackR and Tiles tracker compare in the Bluetooth range department?

Well, when you compare the TrackR devices to the Tile Sticker, it falls about 50ft short. The Tiles 150Ft range smashes the TrackRs 100 feet.

And it gets even worse when you compare it to some of the larger Tile models that have a 200 feet+ range.

Winner: Tile

Alert Volume

This is another valuable thing to consider when buying a Bluetooth tracking device. If the Alert volume is to low, it can make it difficult to find it.

When comparing the volume, the Tile device wins, it’s slightly louder, making it easier to find. Quite a few people were complaining about the quiet ring volume of the TrackR.

Winner: Tile

The App

Both apps work similarly; they use the GPS location from the mobile phone to map the devices’ last known location.

You can also call the app’s devices, which sounds an alarm, so it’s easier to find. Another neat feature they both share is the lost and found community.

This feature uses other people’s apps to help you find your device. When someone passes it, a notification will be sent to your phone with it’s last known location.

But when it comes down to the crunch, the Tile app far outperforms the Trackr app. People find the tile app more comfortable to use, less buggy, and have a more significant community to help find your lost items.

Winner: Tile


Having a waterproof tracker can be pretty important, especially if you’re using it with your dogs. The Tile devices supply waterproofing and can be submerged for nearly 30 minutes.

TrackR, on the other hand, doesn’t offer any waterproofing. This could cause problems if you lose something outside in heavy rain.

Winner: Tile

Final Verdict: TrackR Vs Tile 

When you put them head to head, it’s clear to see the Tile Sticker smashes the TrackR out the park. The Bluetooth range far exceeds its competitor, and the ring volume is louder.

Both of these factors make it a lot easier to find your lost devices. This was only made easier with Tiles’ large community and easy to use the app.

Although the TrackR was cheaper and had replaceable batteries, the Tile was still better. Hopefully, Tile starts releasing a version with changeable batteries.

Tile Sticker on top of camera

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Tile outperforms the TrackR in most categories, making it the better option, but it could be better. For example, with the TrackR, you can change the batteries, which means the device can be used for longer. On the other hand, the Tile becomes useless once the batteries run out, which can feel pretty wasteful. Other than that, the range of the Tile unit is superior, and the alarm made it a lot easier to find.
The TrackR has a Bluetooth range of 100 feet, although many people think it’s a lot less than that. This is considerably less the Tile.
You can download TrackR for free, it works with both Android and Apple iOS devices including it with Bluetooth 4.0.

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