Stay Safe With 11 Home Security Blogs

Home security is on everyone’s mind, and it’s not surprising when you think a break-in happens every 13 seconds. It’s a scary statistic, and if you don’t want to be one of them, here are some of the best home security blogs.

Home Security Blogs

The Ultimate List Of Home Security Blogs

If you’re looking for security blogs, you’re in the right place. When I was learning more about security systems, these blogs really helped me out. They also helped me understand the risk associated with smart technology.

Check them out:

The blog started in 2014, with the focus of becoming the #1 resource for home security information. Between the team, they have over 75 years of experience. The Safe Smart Living team uses its expertise to provide the reader with valuable information surrounding home security.

Smart Safe Living Screenshot

The whole team is committed to providing you with some in-depth and unbiased information you can trust. They also aim to bring you enjoyable yet complex topics to the table. All the posts are easy to read and up to date with current affairs. They cover issues around home security, identity theft, personal safety, and much more.

Protect Your Home is one of the largest home security companies in the world. Each year they help over 200,000 people with their home security issues. The company was initially set up to sell home security products, which they still do.

Screenshot of Protect Your Home

But now, they plan to reach more people with their blog pages. The home security blog covers a whole range of topics, including home security, alarm monitoring, security facts, and so much more. They have more than enough information for you to get stuck into.

Safewise believes that “Your home and the people and pets you share it with is what really matters.” And this is why they are so dedicated to providing you and all their other readers with the latest home security information. They devote weeks, if not months, into researching the latest home security solutions for you.

SafeWise Homepage

The team spends its time putting security companies to the test and reviewing home security/home automation gadgets. The goal is to find out how things work, how well it works, and the crucial question, is it worth your money. They like to live by the motto “live safe, buy smart.”

Protect America has been protecting and keeping homes safe for over 25 years. The company started in 1992, and its main focus is supplying and fitting home security systems. But that doesn’t take anything away from their blog page.

Homepage For Protect America

They provide their readers with a wide range of valuable information, which is all very well researched. The blog pages are easy to read and cover topics ranging from how-to guides, pricing guides, and much more. Check it out; you’re guaranteed to find something for you.

The blog Your Local Security is an excellent source for home safety and security information. The whole team works hard to help keep you and your family safe. They aim to provide you with all the latest news and tips to do with home security and general safety.

Your Local Security Blog page

The blog aims to provide you with the security tools and information you need to build and safer and smarter home. Your Local Security covers topics ranging from home security, safety tips, identity protection, and all the latest news.

The website security baron has a mission, which is pretty straightforward; to help people stay safe. They cover topics ranging from security systems, smart home platforms, product reviews, and news. But, their main focus is home security and cybersecurity.

Blog Homepage for Security Baron

They like to take an in-depth look at smart security products and plan to give readers the best possible information. As you scroll through the website, you’ll notice pictures of Gabe Turner, the director of writing testing the products. This means you can be sure you’re getting the point of view from their personal experience.

The security company has 50 years’ experience in the business. So It would be crazy to think they didn’t have some valuable information for you to get stuck into. Vector Security started as the sister company for The Philadelphia Contribution, which was founded in 1752.

Screenshot of Vector Security

Currently, they are ranked #4 for security systems, but now they also have an excellent blog, and it covers a wide range of home security tips, the dangers associated with home security, and the risk of not having it.

Typically the blog is known as a smart home blog, but they also feature plenty of articles about home security, alarm systems, and so much more. Alarm’s blog posts cover tips and tricks on avoiding thefts, which security cameras work, and how to make your home a security fortress.

Alarm Business blog

If you’re ever looking for some home security tips, their blog is well worth checking out. It features some very well written and informative blog posts. The blog is best known for coming out of the US, but it’s also available in countries all over the world.

The company ERA Total Security is based in the UK and has over 175 years of experience. They have been securing homes all over Britain since 1838. And now, they’re providing valuable information to masses using their blog page.

ERA Blog screenshot

Not only do they sell and install security systems, but through there blog page, they provide fantastic security information, smart home news, DIY security systems, and how to stay safe. Overall, an excellent home security site if you’re looking for general security information and news.

The company was started in 2016, after both the founders became victims of a home burglary. They felt the information out there was a little bit scattered. Which is why they started the home security blog SafeHome, they wanted to make it easy for you to learn about home and personal safety.

SafeHome Screenshot

They do this by making it simple to search for the correct topics. The team has a combined experience of over 250-years. And by reading their reviews, you can tell they spend countless hours testing and reviewing security products. All the information is neatly displayed and well written.

11) Safety

At Safety, they understand that it isn’t always easy finding the right security devices for your home. Which is why they do the homework for you. They have a team of technology writers at their disposal, all of which have a home security background.

Safety homepage

They provide reliable research and writing skills to inform their users of the latest providers, products, and services. Their dedicated team provides topics that range from home security systems, smart home products, family safety, and news.


They you have it, a full list of security blogs. What do you think, did I miss anything? Let me know in the comment section bellow!

If you’re looking for some more blogs to read check out my list of home automation blogs.

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