Does Arlo Work With Alexa?The Ultimate Guide

Arlo started as a product under the neat gear category and since 2018 he become its own category. In that short time, it has placed itself at the forefront of smart home security devices. But the question is, does Arlo work with Alexa?

Does Arlo Work With Alexa

In short, yes, most Arlo products are compatible with Amazon Alexa, which when you think about it isn’t much or a surprise.

Since the start of Alexa, they have been on a mission to secure them selfs as the number one voice assistant, which often means teaming up with new smart products as soon as they come out.

The beauty with linking your Arlo devices with the Amazon Alexa skill is the hands-free abilities. It just makes life that little bit easier, and hey, isn’t that what smart homes are about?

Which Arlo Products Are Compatible With Amazon Alexa?

You have so many options when it comes to linking your Arlo products. In fact, most of their products can be linked with the Alexa app. Take a look at the full list:

You have so many options when it comes to linking your Arlo products. In fact, most of their products can be linked with the Alexa app. Check it out:

As you can see you have plenty of integration options, my recommendation is to use the Amazon Firesticks or the TV cube in conjunction with your security camera. By doing this you can live stream footage directly to your TV screen with a simple voice command.

So, I guess the next question is:

What Alexa Voice Commands Can Arlo Use?

I mentioned earlier, Alexa was designed to help make people’s life a little simpler. 

But, to do that, they need to set the right voice commands for those products. 

Here’s a little list of things you can use control your Arlo devices with:

Alexa Dot
  • Alexa, show me <camera name>.

This will start streaming live feed footage of the security cameras

  • Alexa, stop.

This will stop all activity and return to the home screen

  •  Alexa, hide <camera name>.

This will hide the Arlo camera and return to home screen

  • Alexa, go home.

Returns directly to your home screen

And these ones are a bit newer you can now arm and disarm your security system using Alexa voice commands. Alexa will ask you for a four-digit security code that will disarm the devices connected to your base station.

  • Alexa, arm <Arlo SmartHub or base station name>.

Arms the devices connected to this SmartHub or base station.

  • Alexa, disarm <Arlo SmartHub or base station name>.

Arms the devices connected to this SmartHub or base station.

There are just a few of the voice commands you can use with your Arlo cameras. For more, your best option is checking the Arlo website.

How Do You Enable The Arlo Alexa Skill

Before you go ahead and purchase all the gear, it’s a good idea you have an understanding of how to enable the Alexa skill. It actually a very straightforward process and you have a couple of options when it comes to completing this task. Let’s take a look at your first option:

Your first option is to ask Alexa the following, “Alexa, enable Alro skill”. This will then prompt Alexa to show you how to connect your Alro account with your Alexa account.

The second way is by using the Alexa app, open it up and search for the Arlo skill. Tap on it to install the feature, it will prompt you to sync your Arlo/Alexa accounts.


And that’s all we have for this installment, but before we leave you there are a few things I want you to leave with. Firstly, make sure you check the devices you’re using can integrate together, just check the list above. And lastly setting it all up so easy, if you follow the correct procedure.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below, and finally, if you liked this article then you might be wondering, does Arlo work with Google Home?

Frequently Asked Questions

Arlo is compatible with several third-party devices, which is great if you’re looking to build a complete smart home system. So, what is Arlo compatible with? you can check out a few here:
  • Bose
  • Danalock
  • LIFX
  • Philips Hue
  • Schlage
  • And much more
If you’re looking for a full list, you can check it out here!
If you have a wireless Arlo camera, it does still record if the power goes out. Any footage recorded at this time will be saved to the memory card. You will have problems if the devices are wired and are without a battery backup.
All your smart devices can work together like Wire-Free, Arlo Pro, Q Plus, or Q cameras into the SmartThings app. If your Arlo camera detects motion SmartThings tells your Aeon Labs Siren to trigger your alarm.

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