What Is Arlo Geofencing? The Gritty Truth

If you’re looking into buying an Arlo security system, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of geofencing. But what is Arlo geofencing? And is it easy to set up? Find out everything you need to know about Arlo and geofencing right here!

What is Arlo Geofencing

So, what Is Arlo geofencing?

It’s a virtual fence that can perform a set of actions depending on the user’s location. The location-based service uses an app and your GPS location, WiFi, or cellular data to determine you’re location. When the device enters the preset virtual boundary, it will trigger a predetermined action.

Depending on how you have things set up, this could, arm or disarm systems, or send push notifications and vehicle tracking.

I guess the next question is:

How Does Geofencing Work With Arlo?

Once you have all your modes configured, you can opt to set them out with geofencing functionality.

What this does is, enable you to active and automate your home system based on your physical location.


This usually means people arming and disarming specific Alro cameras around the house; for example, many people have indoor camera disarm when they enter the house. 

They don’t like the feeling of having someone watching them going about their business.

It’s not just the cameras that have the geofencing function; the motion sensors also use it, but slightly differently. You can set up location-based motion sensors if any steps over this line you can trigger security cameras and send notifications to your phone.

If you have multiple users set up to the geofencing network, then it works on a first-in, last out system.

How Does Geofencing Work With Arlo?

The first thing to remember before setting up your geofence is to configure your mobile device. Because it uses your mobile GPS location, you want to ensure you have the best accuracy. This requires you to perform two simple steps:

  1. Enable your GPS location services
  2. Enable your WiFi

With those steps done, it’s time to set up your geofence; this requires you to follow a few steps so it might be worth getting a pen and paper.

  1. Download and launch the Arlo app on your smartphone
  2. Select the three following buttons Mode > preferred Arlo device > Geofencing, The Arlo App will send you the prompt to use your location
  3. Select Allow (Note: iOS 13 or higher will send you a further prompt, make sure tap Always Allow)
  4. Type in your address location in the Address Field and select Next
  5. You have the option to change the radius of your geofence by tapping the Radius Icon; you can choose between small, medium, and large
  6. Enter the name of your location, tap Next
  7. Select an action/mode you want the device to perform when you’re Away
  8. Select an action/mode you want the device to perform when you’re Home

And that’s it, it’s pretty simple really and doesn’t take up to much of your time. You can also add and remove people from the geofence as you see fit.


Hopefully, you find this helpful, and it helped you understand how geofencing works with Arlo and gives you a better understanding of what a geofencing actually is. Just remember Arlo geofencing works by using your mobile GPS, so it’s super important you have your mobile correctly configured.

If you’re looking looking for more Arlo news, you can find out everything right here, like does Arlo work with Alexa? Or does Arlo work with Google? Or maybe it works with both, either way the answers are only a click away.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, and I’ll be as helpful as possible. If you like this check out, which security camera as we put Arlo vs Nest to the test. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As with any product, different models have different ranges, and it’s no different with Arlo. Here are a few of the ranges you can expect from Arlo: As you can see, the Arlo Q & Arlo Q plus have the greatest range, while the Wire-Free model comes in very short at only 15 ft. Now you know a little bit about Arlo geofencing. It’s time to learn how to set it up!
Smart devices have been using Geofencing with Android and iOS devices. It uses the user’s location to power-up your technology, depending on where you are. Geofencing can be accurate up to 200 m.

Arlo geofencing is a virtual fence that will let you know if someone or something enters a pre-set zone. Arlo geofencing can be used for resume schedules, or to arm and disarm security cameras and motion sensors.

Geofencing allows you to set up a virtual perimeter around your house. If you’re a parent that works away a lot, geofencing can help keep your children safe. You can do this by marking safe zones and non-safe zones. You’ll receive notifications to your phone if your children are marked un-safe.  So yes, Geofencing is safe.

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