5 Of The Very Best Smart Alarm Clocks

Starting your day off correctly is very important, which is were smart alarm clocks can come in. They wake you up in the morning gently, which makes the getting up part easy. So, which is the best smart alarm clock?

Best Smart Alarm Clock

Best Smart Alarm Clock

Philips SmartSleep

By far, this is the smartest alarm clock on our list. It’s full of sleep inducing features.

Philips SmartSleep

Runner Up

HeimVision Sunrise 

It’s alot cheaper than SmartSleep, but nearly has all the same features. 

HeimVision Sunrise

Best Budget Option


It might not have all the fancy feature, but for the cheap price you really can’t complain.


The Buyers Guide To Smart Alarm Clocks

When I was scouring the web for smart alarm clocks, there were a few features that stood out. So to make your life easier, here are the main things I’d check out:


Specific colors are great for waking you up, and others help you go to sleep. If your smart alarm clock comes with a good range of colors, you'll have no issues getting to sleep.

Sunrise/Sunset Mode

It's been proven to be highly effective at helping people wake and go to sleep. Which is why so many smart lights are incorporating it into their design.

Power Back-up

The problem with alarm clocks that plug directly into the wall is during a power cut. Luckily some smart alarm clocks you a back-up battery so you won't miss the alarm.

Smart Sensors

Finding the perfect night's sleep is all about making small changes. Smart sensors help you find what changes to make by tracking temperature, humidity, and more.


We've all had a time when getting out of bed just isn't an option, but the fear is that you fall asleep again. Having a snooze option ensures if you'll never oversleep.


By having an alarm clock that works with partners such as Alexa takes the effort out of setting your alarm. If this is what you're looking for, then this is the feature for you.

Breathing Program

One of the most important factors of getting a good night's sleep is by relaxing yourself. Breathing programs help slow down your heart rate to get you ready for bed.

Smartphone Charging

The sacred plug next to the bed is usually taken up by your mobile phone during the night. If your alarm can charge your phone, you can both right next to you.

The Best Smart Alarm Clocks

They’re some of the features that stood out the most, so now it’s time to check out some products. Below you’ll find a range of alarm clocks to get you going:

 iRobot Braava Jet M6HeimVision SunriseFITFORT Wake-UpTITIROBA Wake-UpHeimVision Music
Colors4 Themes77256 RGB7
Natural NoisesN/A7 + Radio7 + Radio56
Sunrise/Sunset ModeYesYesYesSunriseSunrise
Power Back-UpYesNoNoNoNo
Breathing ProgramYesNoNoNoNo
Smart SensorsYesNoNoNoNo
Smartphone ChargingYesYesYesNoYes
BuyFind Best PriceFind Best PriceFind Best PriceFind Best PriceFind Best Price

#1 – Philips SmartSleep Clock

The Phillips SmartSleep is by far the smartest clock on our list. It comes with several features for you to get your teeth into. 

It can be controlled using your smartphone and comes with a built-in sensor, which is used to create the perfect sleeping environment.

The AmbiTrack sensor tracks the temperature, noise, light, and humidity of your bedroom.

It will then make suggestions on how to improve your sleep. 

The clock comes with a sunrise and sunset theme to help you sleep and wake you up gently. This helps you feel more alert in the mornings.

Everything is customizable from the lights to the alarms and everything in-between. 

You can do all this by using the sleepmapper app which you can download on iOS and Android. 

Another neat little feature is the RelaxBreathe light guide, the lights turn on and of showing you when to breath.

Key Features

  • Four sunlight themes
  • Power back-up
  • Built-in AmbiTrack
  • RelaxBreathe
  • FM Radio
  • AUX Port

What Other People Say

One customer had only used it once so far; they were already in love with love it. They would usually snooze their alarm clocks for 45 minutes before getting out of bed. This device dramatically reduced this time. It only took 15 minutes to set the alarm clock up.

By the time the birds started chirping through the speaker, they were already half-awake. Another purchased the alarm after reading about it in GameInformer. They loved how many features it had and how you could set alarm intervals throughout the day.

Final Verdict

I loved it; it was very simple to use and highly customizable. Pressing the home button allowed to open up various controls. Or if that wasn’t for you, everything can be controlled using the mobile App. The sunrise mode left you feeling surprisingly alert and awake.

The thing with this smart clock is, it’s not just an alarm. You can play music using the AUX cable, charge your phone using the USB port. And most importantly, you could track your sleeping habits. It was also lovely to see the LED display wasn’t overly harsh.

What We Liked

  • Lot's of features
  • Uses AmbiTrack
  • USB charging
  • Tap the light to turn music and light off

What We Didn’t Like

  • Expensive
  • On the large side

#2 – HeimVision Sunrise

They use sunrise simulation to help wake you up softly. It starts with a soothing red light which will gradually grow into a bright white light. 

This is to make it feel more natural when you wake up, leaving you less tired and ready to start the day.

HeimVision alarm clock comes with seven-alarm sounds including, Streams, Hawaii Waves, Bird Songs, and more. 

It also includes FM radio, which you can set to your favorite morning station. 

If loud noises aren’t for you, then this comes with over twenty-volume levels for you to choose from.

The clock is set up using the App, from there, you can program your wake up schedules, choose colors, and set up to four alarms. 

The alarm can be activated using voice controls by connecting to Google Assistant or Amazon Echo devices.

Key Features

  • Programable snooze 8-15 minutes
  • Seven colors & natural sounds
  • Sunrise/sunset simulation
  • Phone charging
  • Works with Alexa & Google Assistant
  • 20 brightness & volume levels

What Other People Say

One customer had the smart clock for a few months before leaving their review. Due to it being cheap, they had very low expectations but were blown away. It connected to the WiFi effortlessly, which was excellent. And to make it better, the time came from the internet, so it was always in sync.

Other people were thrilled with how the steady increase in the light made it feel as if they had woken up naturally. They loved being able to control the smart clock using an app; it made it easy to set the colors and to enter schedules. The USB port came in pretty handy too.

Final Verdict

It’s a very neat little device, the whole thing is effortless to set up, but I must mention it needs to be connected with a 2.4 GHz connection. It was also very helpful at waking you up in the morning by proving a sutle glow before reaching its maximum brightness.

The smart clock offers you plenty of features to get stuck into and is very nicely priced. The one downside for me was the poor quality speaker. Overall it’s a great alarm clock at an affordable price; I would recommend it if you want to use it with Google Assistant.

What We Liked

  • Easy to set up
  • Nice App
  • Very bright when needed
  • Adjustable sound
  • Google Assistant

What We Didn’t Like

  • Poor sound quality
  • Tiny buttons

#3 – FITFORT Wake-Up Light


FITFORT wake up

They use a wake-up light system, which will gradually increase from 10% to 100% over the course of 10, 20, and 30 minutes. 

The color will change from a gentle red to white, waking you up peacefully. 

You have the choice of 20 levels of brightness, which can be changed using the analog buttons. It comes with an upgraded snooze setting, which gives you an extra nine minutes in bed. 

You can also take advantage of the sunset setting; this will dim the lights of a selected period. This technique has been proven to help you sleep better.

It has dual alarms so you and your spouse can wake up at different times. 

The alarm also comes with seven natural sounds and FM radio to wake up to and 16 levels of volume to choose from. 

You also get the choice of seven colors, including, Yellow, Purple, Indigo, and more.

Key Features

  • Smartphone charging
  • 20 levels of brightness & 16 volume levels
  • Radio & 7 natural sounds
  • Sunrise and sunset mode
  • Dual alarms
  • 9-minute snooze

What Other People Say

They had never been a morning person, but this clock woke them up in a claiming way, which set them off right for the day. They were a couple of reasons why they choose this clock; it had multiple levels of sound and brightness levels, and you could charge your phone.

The sunrise setting kicked in ten minutes before the alarm went and produced a peaceful glow to wake you up. It was nice that the lights on the clock face were dim, so it didn’t affect your sleep. They also found it lovely to wake up to their favorite radio station.

Final Verdict

It does exactly what it’s meant to wake you up without feeling groggy. The alarm clock radio has a number of great sounds to soothe you to sleep or wake you up in the morning. One thing that was a downside was the lack of a smartphone app.

This meant changing the sounds and selecting a brightness was tricker than other models. It was great that they decided to upgrade their snooze, it gave you an extra 9-minutes in bed. Overall it’s very adjustable; it’s just a shame about the lack of App.

What We Liked

  • Great design
  • Plenty of customization possibilities
  • USB port for phone charging
  • 9-minute snooze button

What We Didn’t Like

  • Poor radio antenna
  • Low-quality sound

#4 – TITIROBA Sunrise Simulation

TITIROBA Sunrise Simulation
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Last Amazon price update was: January 10, 2023 6:07 pm

The tall and slim design looks stylish and leaves a nice feel to your bedroom. 

The smart clock will simulate sunrise, so you wake up gently, which is good for your mind and body. 

The light starts 30-minutes before the alarm is due to go off. Over this course of time, it gradually increases its intensity until you wake up.

You can select between five sounds to wake up to which includes a Thrush singing, Kingfisher singing, Cuckoo singing, Waves, and Thunderstorm. 

You can also decide how you want the clock to display the time in 12-hour or 24-hour format.

You can choose between three brightness settings dim, medium, and bright. Which makes it perfect for any night time reading.

Not only that, but the smart clock features a color-changing mode with 256 RGB color combinations. You can use this clock as a bedside lamp by using the touch controls.

Key Features

  • Three brightness levels
  • 5-minutes snooze button
  • Sunrise mode
  • Five natural sounds
  • Color changing mode
  • Touch controls

What Other People Say

It was straightforward to use and provided plenty of reading light. They loved being woken up to birds singing after the light had turned on. So far, they were delighted with this budget option; the smart clock was reliable, and it never failed to wake them up.

They would have preferred if you could adjust the sunrise settings to suit their needs better. Overall, people were pleased with this clock, but they would like to see a couple of improvements. The white light wasn’t as warm as the picture suggested, and the power brick was too bulky.

Final Verdict

The smart alarms aren’t bad for the price, but it could do with some upgrades. For instance, although it provides multiple brightness settings, there wasn’t enough selection. Luckily you did have plenty of color options you could take a pick from.

I liked the alarm sounds; the problem was at full volume; it was far too loud. If some of these faults we fixed in future additions, then this would be seriously good. Unfortunately, we just have to wait and see what happens.

What We Liked

  • Looks great
  • Touch button controls
  • Three light settings
  • Plenty of color options

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lack of brightness settings

#5 – Heimvision Music Wake Up Light

Heimvision Music
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The sunset mode of the Heimsision wake up light will gradually wake you up over the course of 10 minutes, starting at 10% brightness. 

This wakes you up in a peaceful fashion bringing a relaxing mood to start your day. The alarm also features a snooze button that works in nine-minute intervals.

The small circular alarm clock can also double as a speaker. It can connect to your phone using Bluetooth, which enables you to play music through the speaker provided. 

The lights will then beat to the rhythm of the music, using their unique technology. 

You get a selection of seven different colors and six noises to wake you up or help you sleep. 

Start your day off to the sound of rain, a rotating fan, birds singing, heartbeat, streams, or ocean waves. You also have three light intensity settings.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Six natural sounds
  • Seven colors
  • Lights beat to the music
  • Nine-minute snooze
  • Sunrise mode

What Other People Say

They loved everything about the smart alarm, from the design to how it helped them all asleep at night. They were also delighted with the clock; it wasn’t overly bright. Another customer uses it to help their six-year-old get to sleep. They loved being able to use the Bluetooth speaker to play them an audiobook.

Most customers loved the changing lights, which beat to the music. They also found the whole thing very easy to set up. Their main concern was the alarm only had one preset option, which left little to be desired in the customizable field.

Final Verdict

The biggest downside to this model is the lack of customization. You only get one preset option, which leaves nothing to be desired. Luckily it does have some good points, for instance, the Bluetooth speaker is pretty good for the size, it had a vast range, but weak bass.

It was also pretty cool how well the lights beat to the music; I can imagine children would have hours of fun with this feature. The sunrise simulation helps you to wake up your children in a peaceful manner.

What We Liked

  • Sunrise Simulation
  • Bluetooth speaker not bad
  • Nice color option
  • Low price

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not customizable

But This Is The Best Smart Alarm Clock

It has to be the Phillips Smart Sleep alarm clock, it by far the most intelligent smart clock, and it has the best features. 

Struggle to sleep at night? No worries, they have a sunset setting proven to help people fall asleep. 

Can’t get yourself to relax? Not an issue, the smart alarm uses a RelaxBreathe mode to help you lower your heart rate.

And the good times don’t stop there; the whole smart alarm is fully customizable from the sounds it plays to the brightness of the lights. 

It was also nice being able to connect your smartphone via AUX cable to open up more options.

The main downside is the considerable price, and I understand that not everyone can afford to spend that on an alarm. 

So, if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, I’d suggest the runner up HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock. It doesn’t have all the fancy features, but it still performs well.

What do you think? Did I miss a smart alarm off the list? Let me know in the comment section below if you liked this article then why not find out which the best smart ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

For me, it’s the Phillips Smart Sleep; it offers the most useful features to help you get to sleep. Some people like the Lenovo smart clock, and yes, it is good, but it adds no benefits to your sleeping habits.

Defining what makes a smart alarm clock can be tricky, but in simple terms, it’s an alarm clock that uses at least one smart feature. This could be using an App to control the alarm to a sunrise simulation to help you wake up. Features will vary from device to device, so it’s worth checking out what they offer.

It’s a tough question to answer, but in my opinion, not really. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it looks fantastic, and it not too expensive, but essentially it’s just a Google Home device with a screen. The problem is the touch screen is pretty limited. You can’t watch videos or access your control panel. So, in the end, you can only use the screen for a small number of features. If you’re interested in checking the Lenovo smart clock, to see if you think it worth it just click on the link.

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